NIT, Trichy prides itself on being an empowered organization in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success. We have retained, for the third consecutive year, the 1st position among NITs as well as the 11th position among all the Engineering Institutions across the country in the NIRF rankings. Rather than view our rank as power or privilege, we view it as our responsibility to live up to the rank and improve on many parameters to climb further on the ranking ladder. Our priority is to stamp our international presence by breaking into the top 500 rankings in the QS world rankings.

However, we realise that we cannot get there without help from all stakeholders which include the alumni. As the best of facilities will attract the best of minds, an important focus is to have facilities that are upgraded and state-of-the-art.  Out of 3346 undergraduate students in 2016-17, 412 students were from abroad. Given the international status of the institute, international standards for the students and academic facilities are a necessity. There is a need to upgrade hostel amenities, eateries and sports facilities. The Alumni contribution would bolster upgradation as well sustain continuous maintenance of the facilities. This will help in expanding the diversity of the students. Besides, the institute caters to 920 students from economically backward classes to whom some scholarships schemes were available. Additional alumni contributions would ensure that the scholarships are available to all students in need of such assistance.

A key mission is to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship development. The E-cell, started in 2005, helps in sustaining an entrepreneurial ecosystem and motivates students to take up entrepreneurship. As an alumnus, contributions for financial assistance for the initial challenges and capital would actively nurture the entrepreneurial environment in the institute.

Social responsibility is high on NIT Trichy’s agenda. There are year long social activities, such as Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, and HumaNITTy, which conducts the ‘joy of giving’ week. Several other social initiatives are also conducted by the students which provides great value to nearby villages and localities. Alumni contributions will undoubtedly enable such social programmes to be extended on a wider scale with greater participation.

Our short term plan is to break into the top 500 (world rankings) in 5 years and top 100 in the long term (15 years). The strategic plan can be assessed at: ( Public visibility and perception are critical to the overall ranking. Efforts are create a smart campus to become globally auto connected and also to make the administration more efficient. The overhaul of institute’s infrastructure setup is a long and involved process where alumni assistance is welcome towards the installation and upgradation of devices.

We actively seek your contributions towards achieving our goals laid out above and we are sure that they will definitely help us achieve those goals. The alumni office is committed to the policies of transparency and fair disclosure.

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